Looking for an extra reach? The Molinari Fixed Extension is the next step in the evolution of cue extensions. Thanks to its bayonet fitting, the extension is very fast and easy to use. Only one simple wrist action is needed to put the extension in a tight lock with your Molinari or Predator cue. The use of metal components provides superior durability over similar products.

The Fixed Extension adds 18,5 centimeters to your cue with an extra weight of 161 grams, while the Extendable Extension can go up to 26 centimeters and weighs 163 grams.


These double-stitched gloves provide for an excellent fit and feel. The concept avoids transpiration build-up and provides high durability.


Molinari grips are manufactured from a silicone-ceramic composite for added strenght, adhesion and durability. Lenght: 300 mm, weight: 17 gr.

Ice Polo


Cue Clean

Molinari Cue-Clean is an ultra-fine, non-abrasive cloth for removing dirt and/or contamination from your shaft. Machine washable, reusable.

Cue Wax

Molinari Cue-Wax, when applied correctly and after your cue has been cleaned, provides for an extremely thin layer of shaft-protection. It's dirt-repellent, seals the pores of the wood and makes sure your cue will move smoothly through your fingers.


At Molinari, we don't just focus on developing the very best products through maximum player feedback... some things just make sense. Molinari Cyan CHLK, high silica content for maximum grip and control.

Vantage shaft

Spare shaft with Uni-Loc quick release joint, V-tek ferrule construction, V-Tek Fiber Tip Silencing, ProV taper and Predator Victory tip. Comes with a Molinari JPX, protective sleeve and a Molinari badge.


Weight Kit

With the Uni-Loc weight kit we created the possibility to fine-tune the weight and balance of your Molinari-cue. The 8 weights included allow for 28 combinations with increments of 2,85 gram. The kit contains a tool for easy adjustment and comes in a handy luxury-finished pouch.

Joint Protectors

Molinari JPX not only protects the Uni-loc joint of your cue and shaft. Machined of billet aluminum and anodized in the distinct Molinari-color it adds 'personality' to your choice of equipment.




Rubber Bumper P3

Rubber Bumper Standard

Maintenance Kit

Extension Parts