Choi retains World Team Championship title

05 March, 2018

For the third time in his career, Sung-Won Choi has won a World Championship 3-cushion. Alongside teammate Dong-Koong Kang, Choi won the World Team Championship for the second time in a row, after winning the solo championship in 2014.

Salman wins BilardoMax tournament

09 February, 2018

Gokhan Salman has won the BilardoMax League Tournament in Istanbul. Amongst a total of 200 competitors, including World greats as Dick Jaspers, Tayfun Tasdemir, Murat Coklu and Can Capak, Salman came out as a winner by defeating Murat Tüzül 50-27 (26) in the final. He reached an overall average of 1.615.

Mister World Cup is back

30 October, 2017

Torbjörn Blomdahl is once again back on top of the podium. The 55-year old Swede won the World Cup in La Baule, in a final against Belgian Frédéric Caudron (40-25 in 17 innings). His response after the final point: sheer joy and excitement, fists in the air, a smile from ear to ear and shortly thereafter, a hug with his son Yannick in the stands. It was, for "Mister World Cup", the 44th in his career.

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