QUYET CHIEN TRAN winner of the World Cup 3-cushion Ho-Chi-Minh-City 2018

Combining the world's best technology with unique designs and high quality materials

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    Molinari cues are a combination of top technology and beautiful designs. Engineered by Predator, produced by Molinari.


  • Technology

  • Technology

    The top segment of the Molinari series are developed with either P3 or C4 technology. Read all about the used technology on the tech pages.


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  • Materials

    Molinari uses the best materials available, ensuring you get the best out of you cue.


  • Accessories

  • Accessories

    Not only Molinari cues are of the best quality, our accessories are also of the highest standards. Check out our cases, gloves, extensions, grips and more on the accessories-page.


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Sung-Won Choi
series 2

Built for performance, using the championship winning C4+ technology, and endorsed by the former World Champion himself, this cue is bound to bring you to victory.

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  • "You owe it to yourself to try this groundbreaking product" - Torbjörn Blomdahl

  • "The measurable advantage and beautiful designs are what convinced me to switch to Molinari Cues" - Sung-Won Choi

Why Molinari

when beauty meets technology

Spliced Shaft Technology

Predator Vantage

While in many ways the shafts look similar to the 314-2 3C the entire front end of the shaft has been re-engineered. Predator used all-new materials and construction to create an even more accurate and consistent playing experience. This new construction not only makes the shaft more precise, but also affords players the ability to generate more velocity and rotation of their cue ball.


with Predator's P3 and C4 technology

You'll never see the game the same way again once you play with P3. The customizable weight cartridge system lets you fine-tune P3 within a tenth of an ounce for a playing experience that's totally yours.

If you want equipment you can trust, C4+ is an innovation you can't ignore. You'll notice the solid, sturdy feel the second you pick it up, you'll hear that satisfying "thunk" as soon you make contact with the cue ball, and you'll get accustomed to feeling pure, positive feedback on your shots, quickly forgetting what that negative "buzz" ever felt like.


Sometimes size does matter

Looking for an extra reach? Get the Molinari Extension. Need more? Get the Molinari Extendable Extension! With this extension you can add up to 26 centimeters to your cue.

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Molinari News

'Choi retains World Team Championship title'

For the third time in his career, Sung-Won Choi has won a World Championship 3-cushion. Alongside teammate Dong-Koong Kang, Choi won the World Team Championship for the second time in a row, after winning the solo championship in 2014.

March 05 2018

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March 05 2018


'Salman wins BilardoMax tournament'

Gokhan Salman has won the BilardoMax League Tournament in Istanbul. Amongst a total of 200 competitors, including World greats as Dick Jaspers, Tayfun Tasdemir, Murat Coklu and Can Capak, Salman came out as a winner by defeating Murat Tüzül 50-27 (26) in the final. He reached an overall average of 1.615.

February 09 2018

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February 09 2018